Specifications Art Collaborative Art Collaborative
Style Number 8AB280630R 8AB280630R
Product Construction Tufted Tip-Sheared Tufted Tip-Sheared
Fiber Ultron® Color [cf] nylon 6¸6 by Ascend Ultron® Color [cf] nylon 6¸6 by Ascend
Dye Method Piece Dye Piece Dye
Soil/Stain Protection Protekt® Protekt®
Secondary Backing High PerformancePC™
Yarn Weight 28 oz/yd² 949 g/m²
Machine Gauge 5/64 in 50.4 ends/10 cm
Pile Height   
-High .2 in 5.1 mm
-Medium .15 in 3.8 mm
-Low .05 in 1.3 mm
Stitches: 11.3 /in 44.4881 ends/10 cm
Pile Density 7823
Total Thickness .265 6.731
Size 12 ft 6 in 3.810 m
Pattern Repeat 18-3/4 in W x 37-1/2 in L 47.6250 cm W x 95.2500 cm L
Radiant Panel Passes Class 1 (ASTM E-648) Critical Radiant Flux
Smoke Density Dm corrected
Static (AATCC - 134) < 3.5 KV
Flammability Passes Methenamine Pill Test (DOC-FF1-70)
Backing Options High PerformancePC™,Prestige PlusRC™,Contact Release,Optimum Barrier™ II,Optimum BarrierRC™ II Cushion,NexStep® Cushion Tile,NexStep® Cushion Tile,NexStep® Cushion Tile

Please inquire about product warranties for specific backing options. Patterned carpet may require special attention by the installer to assure a suitable match, and must be addressed in the original labor quotation. The shearing process may result in a small loss of yarn weight.

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